schizo-analyzation,you willnot know who write article.and we also don't know. generative-change-block(seisei-henka)
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The fact that Sara Ayers has built a fairly successful career as a new age artist after spending most of the late '70s and early '80s in and out of punk-orientated bar bands only speaks to her broad musical vision and far-reaching influences. Perhaps her most successful early effort was with punk-influenced Dial Tones, who provided local support for the Ramones and Joe Jackson. Over the course of the next few years, Ayers paid her dues with an astounding number of projects and collaborations, including the Dialtones and AKA/etc. By 1985, Ayers had moved toward more synth and keyboard-driven ambient music, and in that year, debuted under her own name, releasing the Fluorochrome cassette on Blog Records. From 1985 to 1994 she appeared on only three compilations, (two of which were cassette-only), but in 1997, released her Voices full-length on Dark Wood Recordings. Rich with synth and vocal soundscapes, she started gaining popularity through a strong Internet presence and support within the new age community. The full-length Sylvatica followed in 1999 on Dark Wood Recordings,Kyzyl To Samarkand, delving deeper into the very synthetic, ambient new age. ~ Nate Cavalieri, All Music Guide
Andansite means as same as connotation,just.
Ryuta.k uses postmodern-word but also
refer to struture (ex.real order ,le real;)
As for 1. The long rain,pulled by
ray bradbury novel"The illustrated man" .
As for 4. Yakhutian Fight Song,pulled by
far east siberian-sakha capital
"Yakutuk" war ,which was made about 2002?
6. Monks From Kalmykia or Brytia
seems world musical glitch -bient.
Kalmykia is most west Buddhist country.
Album "Andansite" was most downloaded
in Ryuta.k albums.(itunes,napster,emusic)
Now Ryuta.k has collab with American
great female Ambientalista "Sara Ayers" .

Who we are.

Rotten Crab is a collaborative effort. Moderated by industry professionals. Currated by graphics professionals. Our background includes a wide range of influences and factors. We are what you see on this site.

A collaborator chain, links, and a concise personnel roster is coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

Rotten Crab became a label in January 2008.
Site Launched on March 20th 2008 with the release of Waterbear's debut "Assemblance of These".
KHOLODNYI SMERCH(russian cold tornado)
Ovdk/Ryuta.k last works example,such as“the depressed” album on Dark Winter,(Bunk data is also known as Nathan Larson. Nathan is the creator and curator of the Dark Winter net.label which focuses onreleasing dark ambient),
"Andansite" album on DOPPELGANGER/Usyukuro,we can find long Redundant Expression there.Here it is ;Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq !It seems This Expression must demand releasing from human's creativity.
This time project KHOLODNYI SMERCH(russian cold tornado) also refered
Newest physics term;Autopoiesis rather than their musical Expression as brief description .
Their participation to Autopoiesis may mean system of"psycho-mental".part of pan-tonality made system of "timbre" at real world.pan-tonality belongs to real order (Le real)(please warning!real order be compeltely different from real world )Then Coupling of system of"psycho-mental"- system of"psycho-mental" makes hullcination with not only sound but also
color- & system of "timbre" -Ovdk defined The system of "Timbre" have hesitation between tone of one or another- must make sound (japanese ,Oto).
here what is called sound by both system may mean structure with emergence(souhatu).
Actual thier music sounds schizo-Ambiental-style but they seems want Escape line from musical thing.


Collaboration Project;oVdk & Bunk Data

(eclectic ambient label)
release year;2008/05

Ovdk & Bunk Data participated as components of Autopoiesis. In doing so, a system of "timbre" gradually occurred such as a cold tornado with all it's deconstruction. All environmental soundscapes were edited and incorporated with pan-tonality.

Bunk data is also known as Nathan Larson. This Duluth-Minnesota native has created electronic and experimental music for over 12 years under the names Samsa, Bunk Data, and Royal Obtuse. Nathan is the creator and curator of the Dark Winter net.label which focuses on releasing dark ambient music.

Tokyo-chiba based experimental musician Ryuta.k aka RYU and ovdk releases mostly freeform ambient and leftfield muziq since 97. He calls The genre of fishy music he makes "Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium fourth world muziq!" Or "A post
sampling kinetic quantum-reduction dissipative system of sound in nonequalibrium...
The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (Russian: Респу́блика Саха́ (Яку́тия); Yakut: Саха Республиката) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). The direct romanization of the republic's name is Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) in Russian and Sakha Respublikata in Sakha. At half the size of the Far Eastern Federal District, it is the largest sub-national governing body by area in the world.
Sahka is far east siberian nation.
As from Album "The Depressed",Digital Domain Xoomei sakha
# Original Release Date: January 1, 2005
# Label: dark winter
# Song Length: 10:19 minutes
# Genres: ambiental&leftfield
will be World music with
"Expanded semi-tonalism" like kafka,werbern,
rather than lower east side postmodern improv style .
"Expanded semi-tonalism" creates root-less or
nontonal  As for sound.
Then ,Sound cann't maintain itself
on the base uncertainty principle
or Unschärferelation principle.
.In Non-equilibrium,it will get Yuragi.
Then,Forth world muziq be Generated with
Digital-Domain-based technique "Expanded semi-tonalism".
so Digital-Domain-based tunes almost be called world muziq.
and Digital-Domain-based tunes have atmosphere
such as most coldest Far east continental space.
and Boltz or Oval said Digital-Domain got Perfecly function,
so Digital-Domain-based tunes get denial theology.
This image is uncertain because we don't know physics or music.
But This style will be considered after 80's
or early 90's postmodernism style.
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