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"Niklas Luhmann: Law, Society, Justice" is a critical description, and at the same time a performative inversion, of the theory of legal autopoiesis as developed by the German sociologist Niklas Luhmann. This theory is introduced here both in terms of society at large and the legal system specifically. As the basic operations and mechanisms of Luhmannian sociological analysis of the law are used as a platform on which the critical analysis of the book is erected, the work reveals the aporetic structure of autopoiesis. This aligns it with postmodern approaches to law as influenced by post-structuralism, deconstruction, feminist theories, contemporary philosophy and political theory.The main epistemological inversion is that, here, the systemic environment - whatever is not 'of the system' - becomes a space of critique and negation of the existing systemic structures, but only after its prior internalization by the system itself. Thus, through autopoietic processes, the environment advances from outside in, and in this transgressive performance, an autopoietic critique of the structure emerges. The book builds on this transgression and reconstructs the theory malgre soi on the basis of a paradox, where the observer is required to look outside the law in order to find an adequate description of the law. "Niklas Luhmann: Law, Society, Justice" thus operates both as an introduction to the relevance of Luhmann's social theory for law, as well as a critical response to autopoiesis.
Road to Avonlea is an Emmy Award Winning television series which was first broadcast in Canada and the United States between 1990 and 1996. It was created by Kevin Sullivan and produced by Sullivan Films (later Sullivan Entertainment) in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Disney Channel, with additional funding from Telefilm Canada.

It was adapted from the following books by L.M. Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables, which Sullivan had previously adapted as Anne of Green Gables in 1985 and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel in 1987): The Story Girl, The Golden Road, Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles of Avonlea.

Some episodes of the show were turned into the independent books by different authors. There have been around 30 titles released.

In the United States, its title was shortened to simply Avonlea, and a number of episodes were re-titled and re-ordered. When the series was released on DVD in the United States, the title changed from Road to Avonlea to Tales from Avonlea.

The series is set in the fictional small town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, in the early 20th century (1907-1914). There, 11-year-old Montreal heiress Sara Stanley (Sarah Polley) is sent by her wealthy father to live with her two maiden aunts, Hetty and Olivia King, to be near her late mother's side of the family. The show's focus shifted over the years from Sara's interactions with her new-found relatives, to stories about the King family. Later seasons of the show focused more on residents of Avonlea who were connected to the King family, and Sarah Polley left the show to focus on academics, returning for one guest appearance in the 6th season and one in 7th season.

Following the series proper, a reunion movie called Happy Christmas, Miss King (aka An Avonlea Christmas) was produced in 1998.Contents [hide]
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Major characters
Sara Stanley (played by Sarah Polley) - Sara is an adventurous eleven-year-old girl used to fine living, including a nanny, in Montreal who must learn to adjust to the simpler life in Avonlea. Her mother was Ruth King, sister to Hetty, Alec, Roger and Olivia, who died of TB when Sara was a toddler. When Sara's father runs into trouble, he arranges to have Sara and her Nanny Louisa stay for a time in Avonlea. Sara stays without her nanny and lives with her single aunts Hetty and Olivia at Rose Cottage. In seasons 3-5, Sara mostly concerns herself with matchmaking in Avonlea. In season 6, both Nanny Louisa and Aunt Hetty start planning her future without consulting Sara. Sara, on the other hand, has plans of her own. She yearns to become a writer and has applied to a prestigious writing school in Paris. In the end, Nanny Louisa and Aunt Hetty agree to Sara's wishes to attend school in Paris alone. She later returns for her cousin Felicity King's wedding.
Henrietta "Hetty" King (played by Jackie Burroughs) - Hetty is the staid, humourless, middle-aged schoolteacher of Avonlea and the head of the King family as she was the oldest. She resides at Rose Cottage with her sister, Olivia, and her niece, Sara. In the later seasons, Hetty stops teaching to write. While Sara is in Europe with her nanny, Hetty takes in Mrs. Lynde and the twins Davey and Dora Keith.
Olivia King (played by Mag Ruffman) - Olivia is Sara's more affectionate, younger aunt and the youngest of the King siblings. She later marries Jasper Dale and leaves Rose Cottage. Before her marriage Olivia begins working as a reporter for the local paper. It is through this job that Olivia becomes close to Jasper Dale. This is because he does the photography for her stories, continuing to do so after their marriage. Jasper and Olivia have a son named Montgomery and later adopt Alicia, a baby girl from one of their employees at the cannery.
Alec King (played by Cedric Smith) - Alec is Hetty's and Olivia's brother, the firstborn son, and Sara's uncle. He is a farmer and lives with his family next door to Rose Cottage at King Farm.
Janet King (played by Lally Cadeau) - Janet is Alec's loving but independent-minded wife. She is mother to Felicity, Felix, Cecily and Daniel King. She has a sister, Abigail.
Felicity King (played by Gema Zamprogna) - Felicity is the elder daughter of Alec and Janet. She often insists on taking on adult responsibilities and feels superior to her younger siblings and her cousin Sara. She had three beaux during the course of the series. She eventually chooses Gus Pike and marries him in the series finale. Over the course of the series, Felicity wants to be a wife, a teacher, and a doctor, but eventually runs the Avonlea Foundling Home.
Felix King (played by Zachary Bennett) - Felix is Alec's and Janet's older son. He is mischievous and often gets into trouble. Felix befriends Izzy (Isolde), the daughter of the new widowed school teacher Mr. Pettibone who takes over after Hetty retires. In the later seasons, there is the beginning of a romance between Felix and Izzy.
Cecily King (played by Harmony Cramp and later by Molly Atkinson) - Cecily is the quiet, younger daughter of Alec and Janet. The actress switch occurs after Cecily becomes ill with tuberculosis and goes to a sanitarium in the United States. She is more interested in the farm work than her brother, Felix, and Alec considers leaving the farm to her.
Secondary characters
Gus Pike (played by Michael Mahonen) - Gus is a young vagabond who grows to earn the respect of the townsfolk. (Seasons 2-5) He is known to the viewers for his use of Maritimer English. Gus is also a sailor and he leaves Avonlea for a time to find his mother, whom he thought had died long ago. After word of a hurricane, he is presumed dead, but is found by Felicity and Hetty along the eastern shore of the United States. When they find him he is blind and they bring him back to Canada for surgery to restore his sight. After the surgery, Gus marries Felicity.
Jasper Dale (played by R.H. Thomson) - Jasper is a shy, stammering photographer and inventor who eventually marries Olivia. Jasper and Olivia buy the local cannery in the later seasons, which in the final season catches fire and burns down.
Eliza Ward (played by Kay Tremblay) - Great Aunt Eliza is aunt to Janet and Abigail. Eliza came to King farm for several visits and proved to be eccentric and overbearing. Later in the series Eliza moves in with the Kings and becomes a more permanent fixture of King Farm, where her wit and wisdom become indispensable to the King family.
Rachel Lynde (played by Patricia Hamilton) - Rachel is the local busybody and self-appointed moral guardian of Avonlea. Her character originally appeared in Anne of Green Gables. In the beginning of the series Rachel lives with her best friend, Marilla Cuthbert, at Green Gables. After Marilla's death, Rachel suffers a stroke and moves in with her friend (and sometimes enemy) Hetty King and they raise Davy and Dora Keith.
Marilla Cuthbert (played by Colleen Dewhurst) - Marilla is Rachel's more tolerant best friend. She is also a character brought back from Anne of Green Gables. After raising Anne Shirley, she decides to adopt the children of her distant relative, Mary Keith, when she dies. Though Rachel is initially opposed to the decision, Davy and Dora Keith find a home with Marilla at Green Gables. (Seasons 1-3: character passes away after the actress's death in 1991)
Davy Keith (played by Kyle Labine) - Davy is Marilla's orphan nephew who, along with his sister Dora, comes to live at Green Gables. Davy is wild and rambunctious, often getting into trouble. Later he, Dora and Rachel move in with Hetty after Marilla's death and Rachel's stroke.
Dora Keith (played by Ashley Muscroft, Lindsay Murrell) - Dora is Davy's sister and Marilla's orphan niece who comes to live at Green Gables with Marilla and Rachel. Unlike Davy, Dora is well behaved and sweet natured.
Muriel Stacy Pettibone (played by Marilyn Lightstone) - Muriel Stacy is a schoolteacher, recently promoted to superintendent, and a rival of Hetty. The two women are true polar opposites. Her character also originally appeared in Anne of Green Gables. Later in the series, Muriel moves back to Avonlea permanently where she takes over the General Store from the Lawsons and marries Clive Pettibone.
Clive Pettibone (played by David Fox) - Clive, a widower, moves to Avonlea with his three children to take over teaching duties at the Avonlea public school from Hetty. He is a former colonel, so he initially is extremely strict with discipline-oriented activities. Soon after arriving in town, he and Hetty are both revealed to be successful novelists writing under pseudonyms. He is later promoted to superintendent and marries Muriel Stacy.
Isolde "Izzy" Pettibone (played by Heather Brown) - Izzy is Clive's tomboy daughter and the youngest of his children. She quickly befriends Felix King and eventually becomes his romantic interest. As a child, she aspires to be like her father and has ambitions to become a general in the British army. She has two older brothers, Morgan and Arthur.
Arthur Pettibone (played by Zachary Ansley) - Arthur is eldest of Clive's children and much older than his brother and sister. He initially resents his father for his mother's death, but their relationship gradually improves after the Pettibone family moves to Avonlea. For some time, he is a rival to Gus for Felicity's affection. A sombre young man, Arthur studies to become a veterinarian.
Clara Potts (played by Maja Ardal) - Clara is one of the main town gossips, she is very fond of Felicity, who is her daughter Sally's rival. Clara is quite often seen with Eulalie Bugle.
Eulalie Bugle (played by Barbara Hamilton)- Eulalie is one of the town gossips, she is introduced in the first episode of season 3, she is most often seen with either Clara Potts or Rachel Lynde.
Andrew King (played by Joel Blake) - Andrew is another King cousin sent to live on King Farm at the same time as Sara in Seasons 1 and 2. His father is Roger King, Hetty and Alec's younger brother. Roger and Ruth were born one year apart, to the day.
Peter Craig (played by Miklos Perlus) - Peter is a hired hand about Sara's age. The son of Maud Craig, he works at the farm in the first season.
Peg Bowen (played by Susan Cox) - Peg is a recluse and herbalist who is thought of as the witch of Avonlea.

火星田マチ子。15歳の火星人の女の子で、赤いリボンが特徴。恋を学びに火星から日本にやってきたが、彼女の行動は行く先々で災難を起こす。歌が得意で 自作して唄う他、演歌歌手に弟子入りしたりレコード会社からデビューしたりしている。人間に変身するときはスレンダーなおかっぱ頭の美人になる。
Various Artists - Un Nuit Dystopia: Hommage Michel Foucault Tuesday, September 01 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef
Un Nuit Dystopia: Hommage Michel Foucault

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Un Nuit Dystopia: Hommage Michel Foucault

Label: Doppleganger Records Japan

Genre: Ambient/ Experimental 

01 Makryham – Raymond Russel:Dysphoria
02 Bunk data - From Foucault's pleasure
03 Kol Sonzlgn – Neue Panopticon
04 Sara Ayers - La Tache Politique Actuelle
05 Ergo phizmiz - Mystery of Hadness
06 Henry gwiazda - TheOtherWilderness
07 Ryuta.k - Truth got broken since may 1968

With a very obscure and interesting Japanese compilation in tribute for the great philosopher Michel Foucault, Doppelganger Records raise an important question in the field of discussion around what a tribute album really is.  A tribute album to a certain band will most likely have cover versions of the certain band. A tribute to books, movies, historical events, these are all possible with "loading" the music with a musical or conceptual element or characteristics of the subject in question. But when the object is an idea, or a set of ideas, how do you make a musical tribute to it?
The seven contributing artists for this compilation are described inside the insert sleeve. Each artist described in means to distinguish her or him from the other, with past and present projects mentioned, like a tiny CV. This, in the way of Foucault, is the secret. While he is the subject of the album, while this is dedicated to him, every compilation album is actually made in order to expose artists and give them stage, whatever the subject may be.
With this in mind, "Un Nuit Dysopia" is a very strange and fascinating album. Makryham begins with a very minimal track. As peculiar wooden whistles fly by a gentle bed of small acoustic sounds. Very meditative beginning to this album. Bunk Data is far more haunting and claustrophobic, forcing the listener to deal with the sound of numerous conversations at once. At times it sounds just like an underground train station, but there are moments where you can almost be sure this is just inside your head.
Kol Sonzlgn bring it back to minimal again, this time with sporadic, yet very sensible guitar strumming. This deep, spacey musical passage is also touched with the a blues like aura and is one of the best tracks on this album. It develops really nicely and become more engulfing and dominant as minutes pass.
Sara Ayers follows with a sublime track of heavenly sounds, covering with their warmth an incomprehensible voice. Her dreamy track is also very powerful and interesting to listen to after the previous one. "Mystery of Hadness" by Ergo Phizmiz is a freak out circus extravaganza, monstrously combining The Residents, The Tiger lilies and a Balkan folk traditional band, all playing different things at the same time. Monstrous and beautiful.
Henry Gwiazda, in a way, continues this way. "TheOtherWilderness" sounds like several improvisation attempts, done at once, in the first few minutes, and this yields some interesting results. It then changes to a vocal mayhem and Gwiazda then manage between the musical elements that were introduces in this track, resulting in an odd musical exhibition. Closing the album is Ryuta.K, with a track that reminds me of the album's opening. The twisting, squeaking whistles are back in a more intense track, growing even more claustrophobic than before. The voices almost bid us farewell before they are swallowed inside the whistles. This night, seven tracks long night, was very demanding and intense. And these seven dystopian stars shining through it have made it all the more interesting and enjoyable.

i felt celtic &Forth world music power .
blues scale has no dominant motion.
Flat7 ,minor3 bring ambiguous "Timbre"(Neiro)
It seems have something with Autopoieisis thing.
Zep ,tool,AlC,Dead can dance,kol sonzlgn,
vangelis ,etc understood
it with unconscious. best regards
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