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Label: (K-RAA-K)3
City: Gent
Country: Belgium
Genres: Ambient, Breakbeat, Classical-Contemporary, Dance, Disco, Downtempo, Dub, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Free Improvisation, Improvisation, Indie, Krautrock, Minimalist, Pop, Psychedelic, Techno, Trance, Weird & Unusual
Label: F舁lt�/font>
City: Hillsborough
Country: Ireland
Description: F舁lt is an independent publishing house specialising in experimental music, fine art, design and criticism. We publish well-designed, collectable works in small, but affordable editions.
Genres: Electroacoustic, Electronica, Experimental, Improvisation, Minimalist

AARP, formally known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is a United States-based non-governmental organization and interest group. According to its mission statement,[1] it is "a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people age 50 and over ... dedicated to enhancing quality of life for all as we age," which "provides a wide range of unique benefits, special products, and services for our members." AARP operates as a non-profit advocate for its members and as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States, and it also sells insurance, investment funds and other financial products. AARP claims over 35 million members,[2] making it one of the largest membership organizations for people age 50 and over in the United States. Membership is expected to grow significantly as baby boomers ageBenjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist, author and researcher of Canadian descent living in Japan. He is descended from the Fulford clan, one of Canada's blue-blood families, although he also claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side. From 1998 until 2005 he was the Asian Bureau chief for Forbes magazine.[1][2] His father was a Canadian ambassador, and his childhood was split between Ottawa and various Latin American countries.[3] In the early 1980s he came to Japan to study at Sophia University. After receiving a B.A. from the University of British Colombia he returned to Japan in the mid-1980s to pursue a career in journalism, working as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, International Financing Review magazine, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes.[4] His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world.[5] After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese.[6] He naturalized to Japanese citizenship in 2007. His popularity soared on the internet after he managed to conduct an interview with the highly elusive David Rockefeller in November 2007.In recent times, he has given a number of interviews to conspiracy theorists, and therein claimed that:
AIDS and SARS are bio-engineered weapons designed to reduce the Asian population.
A Chinese secret society with a membership of 6 million, including 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins has issued an ultimatum to the Illuminati, warning them that if they persist with their plan to depopulate the earth, they will be stopped. The society has created an alliance joining Russia, China, India, South America, ASEAN, the free Muslim nations and Africa that is united in stopping the illuminati. [7]
The 9/11 terrorist attacks were an inside job carried out by the US government.
The Pentagon, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry suppress inventions including free-energy and anti-gravity technology to maintain power.
More recently Fulford has stated that the US have been able to alter the climate, and using high power microwave energy induce earthquakes including the Asian Tsunami, Japanese and Chinese quakes. The program he refers to is known as HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Ryuta.k& Sara Ayers - Kyzyl To Samarkand Ryuta.k Sara Ayers - Kyzyl To Samarkand
Label: Dark Wood Recordings
Catalog#: dwr-01
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 01 Jul 2008

Genre: Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Dark Ambient, Glitch, Post-Modern, Experimental
Notes: Kyzyl To Samarkand is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K and US vocalist-composer Sara Ayers. The music is foreboding, ethereal, plaintive and dense; diaphanous vocals float over surreal beds of field recordings, molten noise and nervous guitars, evoking the sound of an ominous journey on a pan-Asian silk road. Tokyo-Chiba based experimental musician Ryuta.K (oVdk & Bunk Data, Overdose Kunst, Ryu) creates electronic and electro-acoustic sonic textures that he describes as “Post sampling kinetic non-hierarchical nonlinear non-equilibrium forth world muziq!" New York composer Sara Ayers creates haunting soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered,... +++++++++++++++REVIEW++++++++++++++++++
This is pagan&wiccan music such like Loreena McKennit , rasa,ekova,basque,steve roach,libana,waterboys. But it has also electronic ,glitch,leftfield atmosphere. kyzyl is tuva city,and Samarkand is uzbeks city. you can also see ,itunes,emusic,amie Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote) Rate It Submitted by: usyukuro Tracklisting: 01 Golden Warrior Prince of Saka 02 Invisible Cities 03 Shirley Collins 04 This Is What I Wanted 05 Kyzyl To Samarkand

Fitter, happier, more productive,
not drinking too much,
regular exercise at the gym
(3 days a week),
getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries ,
at ease,
eating well
(no more microwave dinners and saturated fats),
a patient better driver,
a safer car
(baby smiling in back seat),
sleeping well
(no bad dreams),
no paranoia,
careful to all animals
(never washing spiders down the plughole),
keep in contact with old friends
(enjoy a drink now and then),
will frequently check credit at
(moral) bank (hole in the wall),
favors for favors,
fond but not in love,
charity standing orders,
on Sundays ring road supermarket
(no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants),
car wash
(also on Sundays),
no longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows
nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,
nothing so childish - at a better pace,
slower and more calculated,
no chance of escape,
now self-employed,
concerned (but powerless),
an empowered and informed member of society
(pragmatism not idealism),
will not cry in public,
less chance of illness,
tires that grip in the wet
(shot of baby strapped in back seat),
a good memory,
still cries at a good film,
still kisses with saliva,
no longer empty and frantic
like a cat
tied to a stick,
that's driven into
frozen winter shit
(the ability to laugh at weakness),
healthier and more productive
a pig
in a cage
on antibiotics.

When Father Was Away on Business (Serbo-Croatian: Otac na službenom putu, Отац на службеном путу) is a 1985 Yugoslavian film by Serbian director Emir Kusturica. The screenplay was written by Abdulah Sidran. Its subtitle is A Historical Love Film.



[edit] Plot

Set in post-World War II Bosnia during the Informbiro period, the film tells the story through the eyes of a young boy Malik whose father Meša (played by Miki Manojlović) has been suspected of working for Cominform and sent to a labor camp after a careless remark about a political newspaper cartoon.

The movie opens in June 1950 with a local serenading field workers with Mexican songs because it's "safer" as the children climb trees and play around.

The story is from the perspective of the boy, Malik, who is led to believe that his father is on a business trip. Malik is a chronic sleepwalker.

After a while, Meša's wife and children rejoin him in Zvornik, where Malik meets Maša, the daughter of a Russian doctor. He falls in love with her, last sees her when the ambulance takes her away.

At the wedding of his uncle, Malik witnesses his father's affair with the pilotess, who afterwards tries to kill herself with the toilet's flush cord. Sena reconciles with her brother, who's been diagnosed with diabetes.

[edit] Cast

[edit] Awards

The film took home two awards from the Cannes Film Festival in 1985 including the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) and the FIPRESCI Prize, while also being nominated for the 1985 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Paris, Texas
Palme d'Or
Succeeded by
The Mission

“Shenandoah has become the most critically acclaimed

Native American Singers of her time” - Associated Press.

“ Joanne Shenandoah is one of the finest tributes to Native American Music and culture” 

Neil Young

". . . the Native American music scene is brimming with skilled, adventurous artists, such as Robbie Robertson, Bill Miller, Rita Coolidge, . . . and, arguably the best of all, the remarkable Joanne Shenandoah."   USA Today

“Peace & Power” Shenandoah actually has a deeper, more powerful voice than the Irish thrush....Enya”  John Diliberto/Amazon.com

“Eagle Cries” :  “One Silver One Gold”, a bluesy eco-ballad enhanced with ringing guitars, mythic lyrics and a haunting tone that would have not sounded out of place on The band's Music From Big Pink.”  -  New Age Voice ;  ”Watch Me Through The Night” is an a capella spectacle to behold.” - Cowboys and Indians Magazine;  “...rarely has inspiration ranged so far, or so consciously, as it does with singer-songwriter Joanne Shenandoah. The award winning musician is known for stylistic versatility--although she sticks close to folk rock this time out--but every one of her dozen albums shows consistent vision... Even when Shenandoah sings of violence and conflict, Eagle Cries retains its message of peace.” Amazon.com.
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